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Depending on your needs and requirements, we can tailor-made, in our series in You can find the product you want. If you have special needs, We can also provide development and manufacture of special purpose products you according to your requirements.

Product developed by a professional team, the production process can be carried out according to the requirements, the use of CAD drawings, and traceability to ensure accurate drawings.

We has several high-precision machining equipment, professional mold division, Seiko secret agents to monitor each process to ensure the production quality of the mold.

According to IS09001 procedural requirements for material suppliers to monitor the use of specialized test equipment to be tested before use raw materials analysis, to ensure that the materials used meet the requirements.

Using different test methods, the product of destructive testing to determine reels support capabilities: ① reels tensile deformation of the cylinder ② ③ side beat beat ⑤ ④ impact resistance and weight.

Through the static and dynamic balance test products to meet the high level of industry requirements. Balancing accuracy up to 6.3, can replace steel, aluminum reel achieved functions and features.

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