Statistical Analysis of One-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Models with Drug Adherence


主讲人:吴孝钿  上海海事大学副教授


地点:腾讯会议 478 127 447


主讲人介绍:吴孝钿,上海海事大学副教授,加拿大约克大学应用数学博士,加拿大西安大略大学应用数学系和蒙特利尔大学药学系博士后研究员。主要从事经虫媒传播的传染病的数学建模以及药理学中的药物动力学的数学分析和数值仿真。在J  Math Biol、Bull Math Biol、J Theor Biol、Environ Health Perspect、J Pharmacokinet  Pharmacodyn等生物数学和药学重要期刊发表论文二十多篇。曾主持国家青年基金一项以及海外加拿大魁北克省博士后基金项目(FRQNT)。

内容介绍:The classic pharmacokinetic models assume that all patients perfectly follow  dosing regimens during drug treatment, whereas the significant factor of  patients ‘drug adherence does not take into account. In this talk, considering  binomial distribution at each dosing event, we reformulate the classic  compartment pharmacokinetic models in stochastic framework, and analyze their  qualitative properties including the expectation and variance of the plasma  concentration, existence of the limit drug distribution, stochastic stability  such as recurrence and other important properties. In addition, the sensitivity  of adherence-related parameters to the key values of expectation and variance is  analyzed. Our findings can provide important theoretical guidance for the  properties of drug concentration and help the design of the medication regimen.  Moreover, our approach also provides the possibility for the further study of  individual-based drug adherence for long term drug treatment and drug resistance  development of many diseases such as HIV.